Face to face

Face to face session

To carry out a face-to-face session, certain conditions must be met, for this it is necessary to make at least one Skype session or another type of video call in real time (2/€), in order to get to know you and to see if our interests are compatible.

 I firmly believe that it is necessary for the face-to-face meeting to take place in the most pleasant way for both.

 After this, the place, day and time of the session will be agreed at least one week in advance.

 The price of it is €250/h + cost of the hotel or dungeon, since I do not have adequate space for this type of meeting.

 It is essential to make a reservation with me, so that I can rent the space in which the session will take place, and so that I reserve that time in my agenda.

 The reservation has a cost of €100 + approximate cost of the hotel, this will be done at least 5 days before the session.

 The rest of the cost of the session (€150) will be paid in cash before the start of the session.